Patina Maldives, Fari Islands

Job Title: Utility Operator

Department: Engineering

Reports to: Engineering Supervisor - Utility

Position Level: Rank & File (L)

Position Overview

The Utility operator is plants operator working in three (3) shifts to run the utility plants in 24 hours. Utility operator have to make sure the plants are running in smooth and at optimum level within the set standard value performance. The plants are: Power Plant, Desalination Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant, drinking water plants.

The Role

  • Use Proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and tools.
  • Always keep own cleanliness, safe and hygiene and do proper hand washing and sanitizing.
  • Follow company P&P (Policy and Procedure) on grooming and uniform usage.
  • Follow P&P of working in certain hazardous condition.
  • Follow certain SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for a specific job.
  • Make sure all required valid licenses such as power house license, desalination plant license and sewage treatment plant license are displayed or attached properly in respective rooms.
  • Operate the plants including necessary start and stopping of equipment either manually or automatically, adjusted for the best performance, doing hourly log sheeting, recording all activities on log book and input both log sheet and log book data into computer system.
  • Make sure all preventive and predictive maintenance schedule either based on running hours, time period, temperature and pressure is well documented and displayed either on white board, computer or log book.
  • To make sure the maintenance plan is executed by reminding supervisors, mechanics and electricians in advance.
  • To inform supervisor on the need of necessary quick action related to the plant's abnormal performance.
  • To conduct daily water testing for: TDS, pH, Cl, alkalinity in the morning.
  • To conduct lube oil, fuel, energy and water meter reading and record.
  • To do daily morning report at 7.45 am on: water quality test, consumption and stock; diesel fuel and lube oil consumption and stock, send message to mobile and verbally in addition to the report in computer.
  • To make sure clean water and treated water to be sent for monthly lab test at authorized laboratory.
  • To conduct necessary oil change and filter change (water, air, fuel, lube oil).
  • To do necessary cleaning of bag intake filter, pump strainer and to remind on the need of membrane cleaning or replacement.
  • To arrange and remind on the need of desalination membrane chemical cleaning.
  • To remind on the need of desludging on sewage treatment plant.
  • To make sure sufficient chemicals for desalination plant and sewage treatment plants.
  • To remind on the need of clean water tank cleaning minimum twice a year and seawater sedimentation tank as necessary.
  • To do draining of condensed water on the compressor as necessary.
  • Describe in detail on spare parts request concerning specification, brand, model and quantity.
  • Perform cleaning and keep cleanliness of working area, workshop and plants rooms.
  • Maintain an inventory for tools, consumable and spare parts used and report to Store Keeper and Supervisor the day the job is completed and at regular intervals set by Supervisor.
  • Cooperate closely with electricians, utility operators and other department on any related works.
  • Report to supervisor on the status of the job done, update in computerized/online system/ log book/log sheet.
  • Do proper handover with colleague at the beginning and finishing of the shift.
  • Attend the trainings and courses arranged by company.
  • Attend daily briefing, weekly meeting, monthly meeting and any other regular meeting set by department and management.
  • Plan with supervisor for leave and day in lieu.
  • Set as part of fire brigade team as part of emergency response team.
  • Involve actively in fire life safety program and sustainability program.
  • Perform other duties or responsibilities that are reasonable as assigned by your immediate supervisor or manager.

Talent Profile Qualifications:

  • Minimum High School completed in science or electrical or mechanical.
  • Attended First Aid, CPR, firefighting training and trained in diesel generators specifically Cummins, desalination plants, sewage treatment plants, operating switchgears and power feeder system, operating DB, operating RO Plant, STP, operating drinking water plants, etc.

Work Experience:

  • Hotel & Resort background with minimum two (2) years as a utility operator.
  • Experiences of doing mechanical and electrical maintenance of utility plants.

Skills Set:

  • Good command in written and spoken English.
  • Good computer literacy especially Microsoft Office.
  • Friendly and active.
  • Familiar with mechanical and electrical tools.
  • Experience in other technical work in engineering is a plus as it will sometimes be interchangeable work duty, based on the work priority, driven by focus on best guest experience.
Full Job Description
Patina Maldives, Fari Islands
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